MERTC (Mesnac European Research and Technical Centre s.r.o.) located in Slovakia is a subsidiary of one of the world's largest suppliers of machinery for the tyre and rubber industry- MESNAC, Co Ltd. China. MERTC is focused on designing, assembling, commissioning and service of Tyre building machines as well as Hydraulic curing presses. MERTC is responsible for sale and service of MESNAC machines in EMEA region as well.

Our history

Matador Machinery 2000-2007

History of the company MERTC is closely connected to Slovak manufacturer of tyres and conveyer belts MATADOR where its division Matador Machinery was established in 2001. This division was focused on developing and manufacturing wide range of machines for tyre industry especially tyre building machines and curing presses.

Most of current employees of MERTC used to work for Matador Machinery division, many of them from its establishment in 2001.

Matador – Mesnac cooperation 2004-2007

In 2003 the division Matador Machinery began cooperation with our present mother company Mesnac. Through this cooperation Matador placed a few tens of truck tyre building machines TR3 within China and the cooperation continued further also in curing presses for passenger tyres area.

Conti Machinery

In 2007 the company Matador changed its owner when German company Continental took over all Matador divisions and created a new subject – Conti Machinery. The new division merged all employees of Matador Machinery division as well as employees of the machinery part of Continental FMF in Hannover.

World economic crisis caused insufficiency of orders also for the specialised Conti Machinery division and as a result the German management decided to close its Slovak machinery division in 2009.

Mesnac European Research and Technical Centre since 2009

The long-term partner Mesnac used this opportunity and invited the key Slovak managers and engineers of Conti Machinery division into its newly established company MERTC.

And also in 2009 – on the occasion of the Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit in Slovakia – 100% subsidiary of Chinese Mesnac – Mesnac European Research and Technical Centre with the headquarter in Dubnica nad Vahom have been established.

Immediately after establishing the new company MERTC its employees began developing new generations of passenger and truck tyre building machines for our mother company Mesnac starting from 1.9.2009. Later MERTC also began individual production of these machines in Slovakia in a rented building in Dubnica nad Vahom.

At the same time MERTC gradually started performing other activities for machines manufactured at Mesnac Qingdao designed for European customers – especially searching for new customers, marketing support, participation on assembly at the customer's site, warranty and after-warranty service, as well as spare parts management. Mutual activities of MERTC and its mother company Mesnac supported by other Mesnac subsidiaries resulted into the position of the world's largest manufacturer of rubber industry machines which Mesnac group reached in 2014 as well as in 2021.

New MERTC Assembly Hall 2016

In October 2016 exactly 7 years after establishment MERTC opened its new assembly hall in the area of Trencianska Tepla. The new hall provides the company and its employees much better conditions for further development of tyre building machines and hydraulic curing presses, for their production and assembly as well as for providing complete services to all Mesnac customers in the EMEA region (Europe, Africa, Middle East).