Mesnac’s continuing drive towards automated and smart tire building solutions is embodied in its latest tire building machine, the P-PRO2 Extra, designed and produced at the Mesnac European Research and Technical Centre in Slovakia.

The P-PRO2 Extra is ready for fully automatic production of passenger, light truck and off-road tires, and was successfully launched onto a real tire production line last year, with multiple orders proving the machine’s design and competitiveness. Automatic production allows for total control of the process and includes self-analyses functions, predictive communication with operators and maintenance staff, environmental functions and many more useful features for tire builders.

What’s more, MERTC team is ready to customize the P-PRO2 according to customers’ requirements. P-PRO2 models equipped with double let-off stations using big capacity ( truck ) cassettes, universal three-carcasses servicer ready for ply-up and ply-down technology, the possibility to produce high-ply tires, or the application of two reinforced materials from twin automatic servicers are just some of the bespoke options available.

Furthermore, the modular design of the P-PRO2 tire building machine means it is ready for any customer′s tire construction with the further flexibility provided by the MERTC team to modify machine designs exactly according to customer needs gives the P-PRO2 a worldwide competition advantage.