Tyre building machines


  • Unistage two drum passenger, SUV and light truck tyre building machine
  • Range of the tyre size built from 13” to 24”
  • Green tyre overall diameter up to 900 mm
  • Bladderless carcass drum
  • Cycle time (standard 16” tyre size, single body ply) less than 37 sec
  • High uniformity of the green tyres built
  • Fast tyre size change
  • High level of the automation

Hydraulic Curing Presses

CPS series – CPS52

  • Independent cavity control
  • Bead size 14"-24"
  • Green tyre max outside diameter 978 mm
  • Floor mounted
  • Bladder mechanism BOM / option RIB
  • Designed respecting numerical simulations (FEM, heat distributions,..)
  • Fully automatic control by PLC ( Siemens or Allen Bradley) with interface for monitoring
  • Post Curing Inflator (PCI) as standard option
  • Low energy consumption
  • CE certificate, high safety standard based on EN16474


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