On March 19th, leading companies in the rubber industry from around the world gathered at the Tire Technology EXPO in Hannover, Germany.

MESNAC European Research and Technical Centre (MERTC) team introduced tire building machines and curing presses at the exhibition. MERTC has been incorporated as a member of the European Committee for Standardization's Tire Curing Press Working Group, marking an important milestone in MERTC's development history. This also signifies the increasing competitiveness and influence of MESNAC's intelligent equipment products in the international industry.

MESNAC showcased its cutting-edge products and innovative achievements, engaging in deep exchanges with industry partners.

During the exhibition, MESNAC unveiled its latest generation of integrated solutions for intensive mixing workshops at the TTE industry conference. Based on the reliability and stability of the equipment, the product adopts the design philosophy of "One is enough". Through intelligent upgrades, it addresses the variability in equipment production due to human factors, improving the overall production efficiency by 10% and helping customers mix every batch of rubber. MESNAC is also the only global supplier that can offer equipment and integrated solutions for intensive mixing workshops, including small chemical weighing system, auxiliary feeding machine, mixing mills, rubber cooling, storage logistics, and integrated software.

MESNAC will continue to strengthen R&D innovation, providing the industry with intelligent integrated solutions that combine hardware and software, and actively advancing the intelligent development of the rubber industry.